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Twenty Years to Diagnose P in U.K.
from Shirley

I've had P for over 35 years. It took 20 years to diagnose. U.K. medicine is fine if YOU know what your problem is all about and ask the right questions! I've determined I must treat myself and learn all that I can about P. I hope that doesn't sound like self-pity.

I've got arthritis bad and am missing alcohol. My G.P. has prescribed paracetamol. Anyone know any natural remedies to try?

LAST TIME I emailed I was into nature, too. Still we live in hope. -Shirley.


Ed's Response: Hello, Shirley. I guess last month's mail from your fellow countryman prompted your comment about U.K. medicine (UVB Works but Lifestyle Change is In Order). Your decision to "treat myself and learn all that I can about P" certainly does NOT sound like self-pity to me. Where P is concerned, I don't think the best health care available anywhere can displace the flaker taking charge of his or her own case. Too little is known about the disease. Its symptoms and apparent triggers are too varied for text-book remedies alone. I have learned to evaluate my own doctors by judging their acceptance of this fact. The derms who make promises about what they will do for my P never make it onto my Christmas card list. Any derm (or other doctor) who prescribes a course of P treatment without taking every opportunity to explain the whithers, wherefores and whys need not worry about adding me to their Christmas card list. When it comes to P, my derms are my consultants. They work for me.

It took some digging, but in an article about preparing for travel at WebMD.com I found this parenthetical: "acetaminophen, the generic name for Tylenol, is known as paracetamol outside America." And that confused me. If your GP has taken you off alcohol in order to take what we know as Tylenol in the U.S., a few million Americans were probably doing themselves harm on New Years Day morning when they popped their proverbial two Tylenols to counter their hangovers from the preceding night's festivities.

I'll keep my ears in the topsoil for new "natural remedies" on our communal behalf, Shirley. -Ed

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