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Two Lines for the "Do Say This" List
from Kim M.

My friend accompanied me to a clinic when I sustained an injury at work. She noticed people staring at my P lesions while we were waiting, so she said, loudly, "You know, Kim, you've got to stop doing that spot-welding!" Another time, at a store, the same friend said for the same reason (other people staring), "I wish the folks at work would stop using you for an ashtray." I have a great sense of humor and busted a gut when she said those two things; and believe it or not, they stopped looking! (I stopped worrying about how I looked and how others view me years ago; it bothered my mom more than me when people would stare. I've had psoriasis since '89 and still have to look it up in the dictionary to spell it!) Thanks for the support. -Kim M.


Ed's Response: I wish I would have thought of those lines. Thanks for sharing them. -Ed

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