December 2010
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2010 Mail


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December 2010

Case of Bad Conscience About Expensive Biologics
from Sadie F.

September-October 2010

Starting Systemic Meds - An Anxious Prospect
from Lee Ann

Starting Stelara
from Mike B.

New Supervisor Too Inquisitive?
from Lilly S.

July-August 2010

Any Connection Between Psychotherapy and Psoriasis?
from Cynthia T.

Dietary Approaches, Immunosuppressants, and his Feet
from Mike B.

Sulfodene May Not Be Safe
from Tiamae

May-June 2010

On Stress and Immune Systems
from Mike B.

Allergies and Psoriasis? It Might be Simpler than You Think
from Jean K.

Charcoal-filtered Drinking Water is Her Trigger
from Christina

March-April 2010

Soriatane Side Effects Lingering 5 Years After the Fact
from Ran

Payment Hassles with Caremark regarding Raptiva
from Nancy M.

Her Cancer Fear on Enbrel
from Elena M.

About Dr. Tirant and the Psoriasis & Skin Clinics™
from David C.

Heal Thyself
from Kimberly

January-February 2010

Believes Enbrel Caused His Leukemia
from Mike S.

Why Does Derm Say My P Doesn't Warrant a Biologic?
from Celia M.

Are We Going to Discover a Cure in This Decade?
from William F.

Why Was I Switched from Methotrexate to Cyclosporine?
from Jim B.

Is Lover's Story About Genital P for Real?
from Fearful Next Morning Ms