December 2010
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2009 Mail


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November-December 2009

Does P Ever Sting More than Itch?
from Jeannie T.

Another Strange Case of HPV and P
from Megan C.

Another Metho Meany Finds Us
from Tina R.

Getting P When You Are Older Is Harder
from Ethan E.

September-October 2009

Lesions Diminishing with Ongoing Use of LDN
from Jeni S.

Cyclosporine and Enbrel Prescribed at the Same Time?
from Neil. P.F.

Amevive Keeping Him Clear
from Jason

Losing Raptiva, Fearing Rebound, What and When is "Next"
from Sharlene V.

Why Does Nothing Work Forever?
from Chuck D.

Biologic Needed But How Can I Afford It?
from Clark M.

July-August 2009

[no mail — site reconstruction hiatus]

May-June 2009

Biologics Make him Yearn for Natural Remedies
from Daryl C.

Father's Early Death and Raptiva Use — Coincidental?
from Josh J.

How Bad will the Post-Raptiva Rebound Be?
from Sharlene V.

Methotrexate and Prednisolone: A Depressing Combo?
from Kat B.

Methotrexate Plus Antidepressants May Be a Bad Combo
from KJK

Did you Know You Could Get Taclonex Heavily Discounted?
from Richard K.

March-April 2009

Can Soriatane Cause Weight Loss?
from Matt R.

Methotrexate's Dwell Time: When Can Hubby Imbibe Again?
from Valerie V.

Is Gardasil a Psoriasis Trigger?
from Steph (a.k.a. chilly9296 on PsorChat)

A&D and a Generic with Zinc
from Rick W.

Connecting Skin Lesions and Joint Pain
from Juliana L.

Another Disgruntled and Ignored Aalgo User
from Martin J.

No Meds for Nearly a Decade: Positive State of Mind
from Joshua B.

January-February 2009

Derm Not Willing to Prescribe Systemics
from Mike R.

Do I Want to Take a Drug That's So Expensive?
from Bryce M.

Having Second Thoughts About Soriatane
from Jadee H.

Where's the Research News?
from Laken I.

Diagnostic Fence Riding Isn't Helping
from Tenisha M.

Has Anyone Tried Psoramexal?
from Justin

Tough Time Finding Good Treatment for PPP
from Tamara B.

How Can It Be Psoriasis? It Doesn't Itch!
from Brenda C.