December 2010
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2008 Mail


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November-December 2008

I Need a Simple Documented Explanation
from Dan S.

Continuing Remicade for Now, But It's Dicey
from Pat R.

Guttate P and Dovobet
from Fiona D.

September-October 2008

A Diet That Works For Me
from KK

How Fast Does Raptiva Work?
from Brian K.

Good Run on Remicade Might Be Over
from Dorcas B.

How About Reducing or Stopping a Biologic Once You're Clear?
from Jane J.

Finding Therapy for Both Ps and PA
from Patty C.

More on Enbrel and Cancer
from Shelah R.

The Best Laid Plans Worked This Time
from Stephanie C.

Enbrel Worked for Arthritis, Less so with P & the Importance of SLEEP
from Samantha T.

P is Not Just an Immune System Issue
from Deborah W.

Late Coming P-Arthritis Wreaking Havoc
from Cindy L.

Five Year Old Son with Racalcitrant P
from Karin H.

Going to Try Dr. Tirant's Regimen
from Grant M.

Uninsured and Dealing With It - Together
from Elodie and Gary C.

GermX for Palmo-plantar pustulosis(PPP)
from Glenda

July-August 2008

Still crazy after all these years
from Hazel S.

Greetings from an Old Friend
from Ria

Suddenly Psoriatic and Recalcitrant, Too
from Stephanie C.

Her Remicade (and now Humira) Experience — Chapter Five
from Itchy Flakey Cranky Crappy and full of surgical scars in NY

A Profile of Severe Psoriasis
from Steve W.

Success with Fumaderm in Scotland
from Stu M.

Must I Stop Raptiva When I Get A Cold?
from Tom V.

Misdiagnosed, then a Raptiva Disappointment
from Amy M.

Recapping Testimonials on Methotrexate Mood Swings
from Sheila B.

Another Sound-Off about Methotrexate Mood Swings
from Sue A.

Psorigon, PS-98, OTC Remedies and CariDee English
from Dan N.

Dovobet Caused Flaring for Mom and Son
from Nat

On Protopic, 20-Minute Symptoms and Derms
from Nikolay

Johnson's Baby Oil — Our Secret
from David C.

More Good Luck with Vicks VapoRub
from Wanda M.

Sulfodene Again — Gotta wonder
from Donald M.

Colloidal Silver for P?
from Debbie H.

Vitiligo Issues
from Sermin H.

May-June 2008

Would Our Children Inherit P?
from Alex L.

Having P in Malaysia
from Kumar

Retrospective on Treatments Progression
from Scott G.

Itching: Consequence AND Cause
from Neil P.

Shorter Lives of Psoriatics
from Dermot G.

Still Broiling about "Etretinate's Curse" (a.k.a. Tegison)
from Barbara B.

Systemic Problems from years on Topical Corticosteroids
from RW in Missouri

Kalawalla's "Organic Hope" Fading? But There's Light!
from Michael A.

Turmeric Bringing About Startling Results
from Rae D.

Trying Turmeric
from Sherry S.

Herose for P: An Inquiry
from Rev. Den

Another Positive Fumaric Acid Esters Experience
from Bill B.

About PsorChat
from Mike B.

March-April 2008

Passed Up Rare Opportunity Because of P
from EW

Raptiva Triggered Psoriatic Arthritis
from Katharine C.

Her Remicade Experience - Chapter Four
from Itchy Flakey in NY

Remicade Stopped Working After Interruption for Illness
from Patricia R.

Scammed by Organic Hope (Kalawalla)?
from Shaun G.

Naturopathic Approach Working for Husband
from Audrey B.

Elidel for Psoriasis
from Stu M.

Tetrasil for Psoriasis?
from Rocel B.

Did Severe Burns Trigger His Psoriasis
from Don A.

Been Getting Worse for 15 Years
from MB

January-February 2008

Amevive and Cancer
from Mike F.

The Big Pharmaceutical Companies and Psoriasis (and
from a "P & PA Sufferor in Maryland"

Reviewing Calcipotriol, a.k.a. calcipotriene, a.k.a. Dovonex®
from Suzanne

Sunshine, Clobetasol, Alpha Keri and Positive Attitude
from Bernie

Still More on Methotrexate Mood Swings
from Roelie L.

Methotrexate and Weight Gain
from Melissa S.

More on Hair Loss and Methotrexate
from Christine A.

Tegison Available in Japan
from Shane J.

Mild Flaker Checks In
from Mikl B