December 2010
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2007 Mail


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November-December 2007

The Pity Pot (a.k.a. Chriss Venting)
from Chriss

Enbrel Working (after rocky start)
from Jane J.

Five Months Off Enbrel and Still Clear
from Lorna C.

Raptiva and Anemia: Any Connection?
from Sandy H.

Another Positive Report on LDN for P
(just how DOES the immune system work?)

from Allen E.

Help! My Hair is Leaving!
from Dermafunk and Desperate

A Good Diet for Immune System Dysfunction
from Rae D.

Still Stable on Fumaric Acid Ester
from Erin

Gravity + Sleep: Follow-up
from Andrew Fletcher

How She Uses A&D with Great Results
from Cheryl

Moducare Helping Her P
from Terri L.

Apple Cider Vinegar
from Cindy S.

September-October 2007

Gravity + Sleep = Improved P
from Andrew Fletcher

Her Remicade Experience - Chapter Three
from Itchy

Oozing Lesions After Using a Pumice Stone
from Holly C.

Neuropathy from PA?
from Chuck L.

Finding Treatments to Live with Both P and MS
from Andrew S.

Severe PA and AS when Raptiva Backfired
from Tim K.

Started Soriatane: Am I Going to Peel?
from Jake J.

Mystic Tan Defeats Her Guttate P
from Tina M.

Dr. Pagano Isn't a Scam
from Eileen B.

Her Nervous Romance has Become an Engagement
from M.G.

Bad Itches, Good Vibrations
from Sadie H.

July-August 2007

Her Remicade Experience - Chapter Two
from Much Less itchy and Crampy but Getting Fat (and Coughing) in NY

Remicade Working Well and Fast
from Patricia R.

Did Blood Pressure Medication Trigger His P?
from Matt

How Many Family diseases Are "Hereditary"?
from Sheri?

Add to the Stigma the Unbearable ITCH
from Rebecca H.

May-June 2007

Became a Flaker Late, Juggling Meds Since
from Patricia R.

Dovobet for Guttate Psoriasis?
from Emma T.

Amevive Worked, but Rebounds Bad
from Monica

Worried About Enbrel and Ed's Cancer
from Johann

Trying Diet to Treat P for 5-Year-Old Daughter
from Aggie D.

Glutamine not "glucosamine"
from Rae D.

Burning Seawater and Steroids that Steal Hair
from Doug H.

March-April 2007

Her Remicade Experience - Chapter One
from Itchy and Crampy in NY

Even Veterans Feel the Stigma
from Ginger R.

Will Mild P Stay Mild?
from Rowe

P and Depression Better On Enbrel
from Ria

Thanks for the Liz Horn Interview
from Jamie I.

Fifty Years of Perfect Health — Then P
from Linda T.

Why Psoriasis In Only One Place?
from Swarup

Safe to Take Methotrexate and Cyclosporine at the Same Time?
from Scott

Why are Mood Swings from Methotrexate Unacknowledged?
from Kristin H.

Another Methotrexate Meany Report
from Wendy C.

HPV, Enbrel and Warts
from Rachel B.

Raptiva Helping (Enbrel Didn't)
from Steve W.

Tegison Availability
from Andrea T.

Itching, Colitis, and P
from John P.

PUVA Experience in Switzerland
from Enkhe

A&D Ointment vs. Topical Steroids
from Oakley S.

Wife Trying Pagano and Blue Cap
from Terry R.

Aalgo? Caveat Emptor!
from Delilah P.

Psoriasis Tab
from John P.

P Away After a Candida Killing Campaign
from Rae D.

"Leucostat" version of Kalawalla
from TL

Not Happy With Her Ayruvedic Purchase
from Wendy E.

Abbi S. Says Thanks for Fashion Advice
from Abbi S.

Why I Like FlakeHQ
from Rebecca

January-February 2007

Drug-induced Lupus caused by Enbrel
from Christy D.

A Case of Methotrexate-Induced Road Rage?
from Ralph M.

P and Primary Immune Deficiency Diseases: An Association?
from Terri

Two Months on Pagano and Already Convinced
from Adnan I.

No Clear Directions from FlakeHQ
from Allen K.