December 2010
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2006 Mail


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Nov-Dec 2006

'Out of the Closet' Since Reading FlakeHQ
from Alexandra W.

No Help from a Caribbean Climate
from Michael M.

Angry About Being Stuck With It
from Mark F.

Mother of PRP-Kid
from Tina H.

On Flare-ups and When to Use Biologics
from Hyun-Jung L.

Biologics vs. Light Therapy
from Shaida W.

Awaiting Enbrel After Methotrexate Disaster
from Ben K.

Enbrel Not Overpowering a Raptiva Rebound
from Jane J.

Using Coal Tar USP
from Maryann H.

Allergic Drug Reactions to Biologics and More
from Peter W.

Why Erythrodermic P Can Be Fatal
from Mike B.

Is P Caused by Toxins from Fungi?
from Brian L.

Wanting to Try Something Natural
from Joanne D.

Dr. Tirant's Psoriasis and Skin Clinic Changed Her Life
from Sara S.

Is Pagano Legit?
from RM

Jul-Oct 2006

Fashion Tips for Abbie S.
from Alex

Another Fashion Idea
from Sandi C.

More Fashion Help for Abbie S.
from Judy A.

More Fashion Feedback and Advice on Biologics
from Kelly Z.

Biologics Don't Come Easy in Oz
from Hilde R.

Disappointed by Enbrel and Kalawalla
from Steve W.

Enbrel and Acne
from Michael S.

Two Years: Great Results on Enbrel
from Lorna C.

Cyclosporine or Enbrel?
from Ben

Insurance Hiked Co-Pay for Raptiva
from Jane J.

Good Results on Remicade
from Pat O.

After Twenty-seven Years, It Suddenly Explodes
from Carol

Insanity = Scalp Psoriasis
from Sandra T.

Brit Looking for Help Surviving Scalp P
from Kat

Newbie Looking for Natural Alternatives
from Nancy

Can P Cause Positive HPV PAP Results?
from Amanda

Tick as Trigger?
from Diana H.

Rediscovered P Palliative - Intestinal Worms
from Rae D.

Naylor Udder Balm
from Karen S.

Francis Reprised: On Chlorine, Cayenne, Kalawalla and more
from Francis S.

Year on Pagano - Report
from Robin

Pagano Has Worked for Him
from Tony C.

Peeling Palms and Taclonex
from Lee V.

Enbrel Wore Out; Possible Allergy to Raptiva
from Mel H.

May-June 2006

After Years of Treatment, Lesion Improves for No Apparent Reason
from David M.

Appropriate Attire for a Young Ms. Flaker?
from Abbie S.

P, Genital P and HPV
from Tom M.

Raptiva Maybe Brought on Shingles & Terrible Rebound
from Cynthia G.

From Lights and Topicals to a Biologic - Maybe
from Ben K.

Raptiva AND Acitretin AND Pagano
from Tony C.

Enbrel "Wearing Out" - Might Try Pagano
from Jamie I.

Innerlight "Supergreens"
from FW

Scratching Until It Hurts
from Mike B.

Antidepressant Helping Her P
from Kate

Kalawalla under Other Names
from Rob S.

Sulfodene - The Dog Shampoo that Helps P
from Lynn M.

Dr. Robert Connolly Out of Contact?
from Kantharaj

March-April 2006

She Told Him!
from M.G.

Recollecting Romantic Difficulties
from Gene R.

Advice for M.G.
from Abbi S.

Lies are More Believable than the Truth
from Orin

On Sheri Decker Interview and Other Matters
from Mike B.

Does a Bad Flare Mean You'll Always Flare That Bad?
from Nancy M.

Methotrexate and Mood Swings
from Tricia

Remicade Still Working After 4 Years
from Jay P.

Remicade was Paradise, Until....
from Kathy F.

Infections Following Raptiva Lead to Hospitalization
from Sue M.

"Don't Say This" Has Helped
from Whitefire F.

Evolving His Own Theory About Leaky Gut
from Nick E.

Another Clue in the Search for PsoRelief
from Nancy

Correlating HPV and P
from Tami V.

An Old Remedy for Itching Still Works
from Linda B.

XP-828L - New Product from Advitech
from Bruce F.

January-February 2006

As Insurance Co-Pay Goes Up, Continuing Enbrel Looks Unlikely
from Gail H.

Can't Let a Boyfriend Get Close
from M.G.

Medical Pros and Insurance Folk Need to See My Skin's On Fire
from Mitch R.

My Skin's On Fire Creator Responds to Ed's Comments
from Fred Finkelstein, producer-writer-director

Why Are We Still Undergoing Liver Biopsies?
from Lynn

Combining Methotrexate and Biologics
from Joanne K.

Soriatane Not Working, Considering a Remicade Study
from Tom W.

Follow-up on Diet "Like" Pagano
from Rae D.

Derms in Canada and Raptiva Side Effects
from Mike B.

Year-End Report from Down Under
from Francis S.

Starting Kalawalla
from Don H.

Update on Adding Kalawalla to Pagano Regimen
from Robin

Kalawalla Plus Essential Oils
from Ferat S.

Another Dermacinz Success Story
from Sean G.