December 2010
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2005 Mail


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November-December 2005

Starting Amevive and How We Live Like This
from Julie

Fearful About Starting Raptiva
from Sharlene V.

Raptiva Stopped Working After Seven Months
from Tony C.

Raptiva and Kalawalla at the Same Time?
from Sam G.

Hoping Remicade Will Be Her Answer
from Kathy F.

Trying Enbrel After 14 Years Without Relief
from Kelley G.

Mystery Rash Caused by Enbrel?
from Richard H.

Used Cyclosporine for One Month Only
from Ria

Dovobet and Light Therapy Working for Him
from Steve E.

Dermacinz Working for Her
from Kirsten

President of Organic Hope Writes About Kalawalla
from Jorge Mendoza

Continuing to Heal Slowly with Kalawalla and Diet
from Francis S.

Kalawalla Working Fast
from Joe in NH

May Add Kalawalla to Her Pagano Regimen
from Robin

Fumaric Acid Esters: Her Miracle
from Erin

Looking for Flaker Friends in Northern Ireland
from Jacqui X.

Painful Hand and Feet P
from O'xtrah

She Had a Disastrous Liver Biopsy
from Sharon S.

Flake: Confessions Triggers Old Memories
from Mike B.

September-October 2005

Fear of Biologics
from Courtney

Starting Amevive and a Little Scared
from Gayle L.

About Raptiva "Adverse Effects"
from Andrew S.

Celebrities with Psoriasis?
from Casey T.

International Resources for Non-U.S. Flakers
from Mike B.

Absolutely Petrified by Methotrexate
from Debbi C.

Appetite Suppressors and Methotrexate
from Debbie W.

In Search of PSORELIEF
from Rob I.

Eczema Sufferer Shares Diet Considerations
from Nadia

Another Kalawalla Testimonial
from Freed

Kalawalla Progress Report
from Francis S.

Four Months on the Pagano Regimen
from Robin

July-August 2005

Psoriatic Nephropathy Nearly Killed Her Baby
from Christy D.

Confrontational Derm Finally Allowing Enbrel
from Eric

Still Faring Well on Enbrel
from Nancy M.

Biologic Reflections and Pagano Update
from Robin

Diet "Like" Pagano Working with Topicals for Her
from Rae D.

Using Methotrexate for 8 Months Now
from Debbie

Serrapeptase Helped her Flaking - Among Other Things
from Heather Q.

More on "Cyclopamine" (Corn Lily)
from Claire S. and Glen G.

She's Responding with Kalawalla as Part of Her Regimen
from Francis S.

Kalawalla Any Better than Immune System Food Supplements?
from Dan W.

On Tea Tree Oil, Pranic Healing and More
from Manuela V.

Whole Family Has P (Maybe)
from Francesca

May-June 2005

More Good Times with an Old Friend
from Faust

Catching Up
from Stealth (a FlakeHQ Legend)

Four Year Old Losing Hair to Scalp P
from Sophie

Did Major Life Change Trigger It?
from Tony C.

Treading Water in Michigan
from Sue B.

His P is Embarrassing but Not Debilitating
from Ron A.

Combining Enbrel and Systemics
from Doris

The Safety of Breastfeeding While Using Enbrel
from Holly H.

Cyclopamine — A Fast Clearing Topical?
from Natalie

T/Gel® Overnight Dandruff Treatment
from Abbi

Psorederm Cream
from Adrian and Diane

Wants to Try Pagano Regimen
from Robin

Finding Kalawalla
from Francis S.

Aalgo (ground seaweed) Helping Husband
from Mary G.

Globe Hopping When a Flare Happens
from Sue S.

March-April 2005

Her Flare and What She Does About It
from Abbi S.

Combo Prescript and OTC Regimen Working for Him
from Geoff

Amevive IM Disappointing After Amevive IV
from Kelly Z.

Raptiva Worked Well in 12 Weeks
from Jane J.

For Him Enbrel Reduces Skin P Without Entirely Eliminating It
from Kurt

Enbrel Working Great, but New Year Means New Deductible
from Lorna C.

Wondering About 'Scalp Cocktail'
from Clare X.

Resident Astronomer's Pregnancy & Enbrel Dilemma
from Christy D.

Enbrel Does the Trick After Post-Partum Flare-up
from Nancy M.

Amevive Didn't Help, Onercept Promising
from Pat O.

Onercept Working and More Convenient than Remicade
from Scott M.

Derm Insinuates a Cure
from Courtney J.

Psorederm Being Pitched in Scotland for Treating P
from Diane

HPV & P - We'll Ask Again
from Linda C.

Her Luck With Natural Remedies
from Anonymous in Columbia, MO

Kalawalla Straight From the Source
from Ron K.

January-February 2005

Onercept Trial Subject in Newfoundland
from Scott M.

Canadian Amevive User Launches BLOG
from John D.

Injectable Methotrexate Blues
from George H.

More Methotrexate-Caused Mood Swings
from Mary K.

Cautious about Cyclosporine
from Jacqui

Dovobet & Dovonex Working But Not for Scalp
from Clare

Might Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Help P?
from Linni

The "Don't Eat" List for Curing Psoriasis with Diet
from Kristan R.

FlakeHQ Nudist #3
from Tony L.

PRP Sufferer Finds Relief in Low Humidity Climate
from Barry B.

PRP (Pityriasis rubra pilaris) Online Support Group
from Richard Greene

Her 2 Pregnancies Affected Her P Differently
from MD

Narrowband UVB is His Lifesaver
from David M.