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2004 Mail


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November-December 2004

Forty-Six Years with P
from Mary B.

More on Adverse Reactions from Raptiva Predecessor Trials
from Lesleigh

Enbrel Works for FlakeHQ's Resident Astronomer
from Christy D.

Dad Doesn't Understand
from Lance

UK Docs Misdiagnose
from Yan H.

Strep Triggered Her Devastating Experience
from T

A&D, Aquaphor and other Moisturizers
from Debbie

Acne-like Breakout from Enbrel
from "Mom"

Exorex Worked for Him
from James L.

Success with Dermacinz in the UK
from Diane

Wants to try a Dietary Approach
from Joan G.

Sanding and Polishing Lesions
from Peter B.

September-October 2004

from John T.

This Eczema Sufferer Appreciates Our Itching Problem
from Anne T.

A "Chin Up" for Ed
from Julie S.

Daughter Achieves Good Results on Amevive
from Linda C.

From Miraderm to Enbrel
from Lorna C.

Update on Remicade Success
from Jason P.

After 7 Months Soriatane Still Working
from Adam H.

P and Female Hormones
from JNE

Might the Acne-effect Be An Infection?
from Brenda R.

July-August 2004

His Enbrel Blog and Thoughts on the Pagano Diet
from Jerry C.

Acne-like Outbreak On Enbrel
from Angela S.

Some Success with Soriatane + UVB + Shaved Legs
from Phil C.

Did Dovobet on Clear Skin Cause New Lesions?
from Bobby D.

Is There Such a Thing as Bargain-Priced Olux?
from Pat S.

Possible Supplement to Help Restore Ed's Ailing Immune System
from Claire S.

Dolphins Benefit from Fast Shedding Flaky Skin
from Wouter van N.

Let's Hear More Flaker's Jargon
from Rachel K.

May-June 2004

A Forgotten Option
from Ria

This Flaking Family Won't Be Stigmatized
from Meredith J.

P is Dimming Her Few Remaining Bright Moments
from Jenni

A Predictable Litany of Symptoms Presage Her PA Flares
from Claire S.

Following in Dad's Footsteps?
from Franciene L.

About Tattoos and Giving P to One's Kids
from John F.

Monkey De-flaked His Scalp
from RichPee

English Bulldog De-flakes New Zealand Boy
from John C.

Apprehensive About Enbrel Trial
from Samantha T.

Starting Enbrel on Double Dose
from Jennifer D.

New Flaker to Try Amevive First ... Lifestyle Questions
from Linda C.

Amevive Working AFTER 12 Week Course
from Dina S.

Amevive Course Disappointing; Soriatane Retrospective
from Kathy F.

Trying Raptiva
from Sue M.

Dovobet Helping in a Hurry
from Dennis H.

Amazing Results from Soriatane
from Adam H.

Cordran Tape and Luxiq Experience
from Larry M.

Do "Dead Seat Salt" Products Really Work?
from Prudence V.

Success with Mavena Spa Therapy
from Cecilia

Another Testimonial About Miraculous A&D Ointment
from Carol V.

Any Replacement for PsoRelief Lotion?
from Kathleen M.

Sulfodene (for dogs) Ingredients Uncovered (but mystery not solved)
from Rob T.

Anybody Else Tried Banana Skins?
from Graham A.

Kukui Nut Oil Products: Tests Unrevealing
from Dana G.

Kalawalla Re-investigated
from Kathy N.

Apparent Policy at Medco Lab Customer Service: Deny Anything
from Henry Z.

Mar-Apr 2004

Asperger Syndrome - Why They Say Those Mean Things
from Guinn B.

Claire's Story: Not New But Well Told
from Claire S.

Worst It's Been in 18 Years
from Karen A.

P on Hands and Nails is His Worst
from Richard H.

Lonely and Flaking in the UK
from Annie

Here's that Singles-With-P Site You've Been Asking For
from Susan

Three Months After Soriatane
from John D.

What's the Right Dose of Methotrexate?
from Sarah P.

Resident Astronomer Thumbs Down Methotrexate
from Christy D.

Methotrexate Dependent for Years, Enbrel is Next
from Lori

Enbrel Didn't Work, Now Jury's Out on Amevive
from Veasna W.

Humira Trial Was Successful
from Alexandra T.

Which Biologic To Try?
from Alex X.

It's PRP, not P, and Soriatane is Prescribed
from Adam H.

Finally Prescribed Phototherapy, but How about Tanning Salons?
from Mike T.

If Bacteria Aren't Causing Sore Throat, Will Tonsillectomy Help?
from Dina

Sulfodene (for dogs) Worked for Her
from Katherine S.

  Jan-Feb 2004

Multiple Arthritises?
from Stephen T.

Always Researching
from Tamara K.

The Dog's Healing Lick
from Mark K.

In 40 Years It's Gotten As Bad As It Gets
from Lorna C.

Eager to Start Amevive (and FlakeHQ email problem)
from Nikki

Half Way Through First Course of Amevive
from Brenda R.

Thumbs Up: 5 Weeks into Amevive
from Kathy F.

Amevive - First Five Weeks
from Dina S.

Enbrel May Have Saved a Career
from Tony B.

Combining Enbrel with Other Therapies
from Crystal D.

Enbrel for Eczema?
from Mitch T.

Hankering for Raptiva after Good Amevive Experience
from Chris K.

Life After Soriatane
from John D.

Humira Trial Subject is Very Happy
from Sandy T.

Use Baby Oil to Remove BANDAIDs
from Kathy H.

Zsoria-Med Worked for Me
from Dustin P.

Diagnosing P-Arthritis
from Cynthia D.

Mystic Tan P Therapy?
from Roddy H. 

Dermacinz in the UK
from Nigel K.

Willow Water from England
from Mark M.

Badger Balm and Latin Lesson
from Shirley F.