December 2010
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2003 Mail

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November-December 2003

HMO Membership Delayed Discovery
from Sue S.

Soriatane His "Cause" Not His "Cure"
from John D.

Tegison Licked his PRP
from Bernie

How Long will an Amevive Remission Last?
from Susan N.

Planning Switch from Enbrel to Amevive
from Kathy F.

Amevive Combination therapy Studied (Again)
from Bettye G.

Amevive Didn't Help
from Pat O.

Participating in Humira Trial
from Brian W.

Needs Replacement for 33% Coal Tar Product
from Noah V.

Shame on Ed (Who Doesn't Do Pagano)
from Hannu P.

Where Castor Oil Really Comes From
from Abbi L.

We're All Elephant Men
from Nkris

Psoriasis vs. Cirrhosis
from Albert S.

September-October 2003

How Bad Can an Insurance Battle Get?
from Kathleen S.

Nail P:  Is It Forever?
from Lorne B.

Two Years to a Proper Diagnosis
from Marion D.

Can P Make One Sickly?
from Del K.

Overactive Immune System or Over-sensitive Skin?
from Kurt

Just Diagnosed with PA
from Rachel

PRP - Similar but Different
from Ruthanne D.

Dropped Out of Avandia Trial
from Christy D.

Amevive Living Up to Promise
from Krissie R.

Amevive via IV for $2,000 a Visit!
from Charlene B.

Early Amevive Experience
from Sue M.

All About Taking Amevive
from Kelly Z.

'Immune System Overload' from Cyclosporine
from Bill D.

Methotrexate Had Been His Safety Net
from Adrian A.

Soriatane was Looking Good Until...
from Sue G.

Soriatane after Cyclosporine
from Gunny G.

Soriatane Side Effects Too Awful to Tolerate
from Shirley

Soriatane on a Seasonal Schedule
from Stephen D.

His Enbrel Diary is On-Line
from Gary M.

The Truth About Dovobet
from Stuart M.

Dovobet Success and What About Tonsillectomy?
from Gina M.

New Biologic for Asthma Hold Any Promise for P?
from TJ

Synalar Gel for Scalp P in England
from Mark N.

Customized Diet Did the Trick
from Arie

Pursuing Relief through Diet has Calmed the Roller Coaster
from Ani C.

Unorthodox Way of Treating Pustular P
from Tammy S.

Fake Tan Still Working: More Details
from Jo W.

Castor Oil for Scalp P
from Abbi L.

Where has PsoRelief Gone?
from JH

July-August 2003

P-Problems for New Teacher
from Richard S.

Pustular P on Feet Threatens Wedding on Beach
from Katy

Singing Detective On Its Way
from Steve C.

DLQI Could Shed Light on Depression Among Flakers
from Mike B.

Depression Drug Worsened P
from Jonathan L.

P Developed After Starting Antidepressant Meds?
from Benny S.

FlakeHQ Helping First Date Jitters
from Julie

Soriatane Working After Juggling Dosage
from Sue G.

ITP Sufferer Has Rare Reaction to Soriatane
from Pam

Soriatane Treatment a Bust
from Kurt

Bad Rebound after Using Temovate
from Lorna C.

Starting Amevive
from RJ

Jury's Out After Insurance Battle Over Amevive
from Russell G.

Remicade Worked for Plaque - Enbrel for Arthritis
from Rick W.

Enbrel: To Do or Not To Do
from Marty H.

Another Bad Reaction During Raptiva Trial
from Gail H.

Canadian Fighting Pustular with Fumaric Acid Treatment
from David F.

Trying Avandia
from David O.

Home Phototherapy Has Worked Best for Him
from Simon

Guttate Erupted After Strep Throat
from Trevis G.

Foot P Making Mom Miserable
from Beverly C.

Scalp P Drives Her Nuts
from Eileen C.

Chinese Medicine Worked Like Nothing Else
from DS

Fake Tan is Improving Her P
from Jo W.

May-June 2003

What Can People Read that will Make Them Understand?
from Kathleen B.

What's Funny About It?
from Mary

He'll Compare Me With Other Women
from Jasmine

New Derm Asking For Too Much
from Lizzie H.

Ed and Dave Think Different About This Derm
from Dave L.

Husband's Nails are Corrupt and Not Growing
from Tand B.

Enbrel Helped Immediately
from Annie

Desperate — Hopes on Enbrel and Olux
from Veasna W.

Will Quit if Enbrel Doesn't Help After 3 Months
from Jeffrey S.

After 3 Years on Enbrel She Gets Lymphoma
from Cindy N.

Can One Develop an Immunity to Biologics?
from Scott

Olux Foam Working on Skin Lesions for A Year Now
from Leslie A.

Seven Years on MTX and No Liver Biopsy
from Tracy A.

Want to Hear from Soriatane Users
from Tim B.

Long-term Consequences of Soriatane for PRP Victim
from Dan M.

Acitretin Didn't Work — Could CRTs be Causing P?
from MS

Methylprednisolone (Medrol) for P?
from Tom D.

Dovobet Rebound with a Vengeance
from Steve

Dovobet: First Thing to Really Work
from Art

Combo Therapy User Says "No" to Amevive
from Don H.

Hoping Amevive Will Replace Methotrexate
from Krissie R.

KuKui Nut Oil from Oils of Aloha
from Dana G.

Unilever's Organics Antidandruff Shampoo Works
from Vicki in Scotland

Bioskin Experiment Inconclusive
from Michael M.

What's Happening at Soap Lake?
from VRL and Sheri D.

Aveeno and UVB
from Wes H.

Zinc, Nutrition and Treating P in Sweden
from Karin E.

Will Turn to Homeopathy
from Elleanor S.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Didn't Work
from Trish S.

Told Not to Try Acupuncture
from Kathleen J.

March-April 2003

Pretty in Pink
from Kathy L.

New to (and Frightened About) PA
from Jackie R.

Social Security Disability Denied
from Christine W.

Guttate P Everywhere
from Tony F.

Interested in Pregnancy and P Connection
from PP

Misdiagnosed for 2 Years
from Arlene

Hand P
from Jon G.

Liver Biopsies in the U.K.
from John B.

On Crys B.'s Lonely 20-Year Vigil
from Mike B.

Starting Enbrel and Olux Foam at the Same Time
from Dierdre H.

Enbrel and Remicade and Lymphoma Association?
from Harold E.

So Far Enbrel Not Working
from Kathy

Doxycycline or Sulfasalazine for PA?
from Mark St. C.

Olux Foam: First Thing to Work in 25 Years
from JL

Dovobet Therapy Disappointing
from Vix

More About Weight Loss on Soriatane
from Roberta W.

On the Cost of the New Wonder Drugs
from M.A.N.

Raptiva Trial Subject Has Unusual Reaction
from Jan

Risking Rebound for Drug Study
from Steve T.

Think Salcura instead of Bioskin
from Les J.

Another Dermatovate Enthusiast
from Oscar G.

Fighting P with Zinc Supplements
from Karin E.

Dead Sea Salts Baths Helping Slowly
from Amy S.

January-February 2003

On-line Diary of Enbrel Therapy
from Ami G.

Underway with Enbrel!
from Michelle M
and from Mark F.

Not So Lucky with Arava and Enbrel
from Patricia D.

Amevive Advocate
from Mike R.

Where's Amevive?
from Doreen
and from Nina M.

Remicade Miracle
from Linda D.

When Derms Play Good Wizard
from Kelly Z.

I Have Erythrodermic P, I Think
from David

EMT Worries About Infection
from Mike H.

Debilitating, Intractable P and Un-Insured
from Frances D.

Affording Only OTC Means Living With It
from Lil'Kim 

Alone With This for 20 Years
from Crys B.

Like Mother Like Daughter
from Christina A.

Treats from an Objectivist Flaker in New Zealand
from Ross

Got Worse Upon Diagnosis
from Michelle S.

Eight Year Old Flaker Faces
Treatment Limitations

from Elise A.

Infections, Immune System and P?
from Guinn B.

HPV and P
from Andrew M.

Smallpox Vaccine Safe for Flakers?
from Carol F.

Where's the Proof that Light Causes Cancer?
from Gordon W.

Inflammatory Disorders X 3, Olux and Dovonex
from RMD

Holding Off Starting Methotrexate
from Keren S.

Must You Have PA to Use Methotrexate?
from Sara S.

Liver Problem After Years of Methotrexate
from LK

I Drank and Took Methotrexate 
When I was a Teen

from Sarah

When to Start Methotrexate?
from Lynn

Losing Weight Fast - On Soriatane?
from Tina B.

In His Combo Regimen,
Only Steroids Get Results

from Owen M.

On P and Hearing Loss
from Kelly Z.

Another Tonsillectomy Advocate
from Maggie B.

Responding to Tonsillectomy and 
Penicillin Allergy

from Mike B.

More on Bioskin
from Michael M.
and from Jenny C.

Dermatovate in the U.S.?
from Jim M.

Harvard Flaker Acquires Sunlamp
from Christy D.

Elocon/Doak (compounded) Shampoo
from Cindy H.

Aveeno Similar to 'Disarmed' Skin-Cap?
from Wes H.

Lesions on Adolescent's Breasts
from Diane S.

Nascent Naturopath Has the Answer
from Peter C.

Looking for Dead Sea Sojourn Tips
from Gary D.

Wart Remover for Nail P?
from Aliceanna

Hearing Doctor Comments on 
P and Hearing Loss

from Drew

Dead Sea Advocate
from Ricky

Methotrexate Rebound ... Kukui Nut Oil
from Venny V.

Kukui Nut Oil
from Linda A.

For the Uninsured Inexpensive
Regimens Matter

from Liza C.

Derm Chastises for Lack of Insurance
... Carmol40

from Tina G.

Customized Exorex Regimen is Working
from James W.

Climatotherapy In Western U.S.?
from Hsiao M.